Linen was used as a symbol of light and cleanliness. Linen is a tradition and value  to be inherited and passed down from  generation to generation.IN THE BEDROOM.            Our Latvian manufactured bed linen is produced  from quality  100% eco-tex European linen. We offer standard size bed linen sets and also individually tailored  non standard measurements. Products include pillow cases 40×60, 50×70, 45×65, 50×50, 40×40 cm and other sizes. Our softened linen sheets and duvets ensure breathability  and help to regulate and hold correct body temperature  while sleeping. Our fitted sheets come in standard size 140×200, 160×200, 180×200, 200×200, 200×220 cm. Other sizes are available.LINEN FOR BABIES AND CHILDREN.              Bed linen is ideal for babies from birth,  especially children with sensitive skin or allergies. Linen has wonderful natural anti static properties. Infant and child sheets are available fitted and unfitted for both beds and cribs as well as pushchairs. Soft gentle and natural linen sheets allow your baby to feel comfortable and happy. Our infant blanket  combines linen and cotton in a versatile choice for a winter or summer blanket,  towel or baby wrap. A wonderful gift for the newborn.  With  care and love for the very smallest. Grace  of  Linen  comforters  are made  only from ecotex softened  linen.  An embroidered  personalized comforter  is an original and memorable  gift  which helps create  a special sleep ritual.LINEN TOWEL     A wide range of colour, texture and size choices; large waffle pattern bath towels, swimming and beach towels that dry quickly and don't pick up sand. Small size bath towels and sets are available, as well as poncho type children's towels with hoods, and turban style head wrap towels. These are special and quality and comfortably dry hair with the healthy, hair improving properties of 100% pure linen. The investment will be felt instantly. Linen has a high absorbency, is breathable and improves all types and lengths of hair. LINEN TABLE CLOTH,  NAPKINS  AND RUNNERS           Create a party atmosphere or simply improve interior design with linen table cloth or cloth napkins.  A linen and lace table cloth is an elegant and magical  gift for newlyweds or their parents, business partners or for any reason at all! Linen napkins are an attractive addition to any table or as an accent for weddings, birthdays,  Christmas  or to set the scene for a simple romantic evening. We offer napkins in multiple sizes, with possibility to personalise stitched logos or text.LINEN BAGS AND SACKS.            Linen material bags: present sacks,  bread bags, bags for teas and other products or zero waste shopping bags. A hardwaring  and spacious  linen  bag has a simple aesthetic for all your shopping. If you need a practical present it's an ideal choice - especially with an added logo, design or personal text. WEDDING,  BRIDE AND LINEN      Wedding table settings with linen cloth napkins, table cloths and table runners are a modern day must have. Table settings lift your special day and are appreciated by every guest. Well coordinated and harmonious table settings are not only pleasing for your guests but also remain in your memories and photographs. We offer different measurements and shapes including round linen designs for coffee and gift tables, top tables and guest tables. What to give for a wedding gift? Linen is the ideal gift for the happy couple, from personalised table linen to bed clothes. What better gift for the parents of the bride than softened linen pillow cases,  available with or without lace. A linen dressing gown is a comfortable , sensual wedding morning gift for a bride. Wearing a Grace of Linen dressing gown it's a beautiful way to start the day for the bride and her bridesmaids and also doubles for hen party luxury and spas. The happy couples' initials, logo or coat of arms can be added to our dressing gowns and all our other products. For the groom a linen dressing gown gives a modern and positive touch to the wedding day preparations.Our linen dressing gowns for men are made from linen waffle material. Wedding anniversaries - especially the 4th anniversary ( The Linen Anniversary) are ideal occasions to gift linen. Choose linen to symbolise abundance and holiness.P I R T S  LIETAS NO LINA       Pirts rupjais masāžas dvielis 150x50cm uzlabo asinsriti, tiek izmantots kā berzēšanās dvielis vai pirts lāvas dvielis. 100% lina pirts dvieļi atvēsina, uzņem cilvēka izdalītos toksīnus, tos neitralizē un ļauj baidīt pirts rituālu. Lina pirts kleita vai pirts priekšauts ir īpaši piemērots pašai saimniecei - pirtniecei ērti, viegli un ātri uzliekams, ļauj aktīvi darboties, kustēties - pirts rituāls. Lina pirts matu dvielis aizsargā un saudzē matus, galvas ādu  no sausuma, karstuma kā arī labi satur galvas rotu vienkopus, ļaujoties pirts, spa vai saunas burvībai. Lina pirts dvielis vai pirts kleita sievietēm ar iestrādātu gumiju un aizdari, ir laba ideja dāvana. Lina pirts svārki vīriešiem nodrošina ērtu, vieglu un bezrūpīgu pirts baudīšanu, izvairoties no regulāras dvieļa kārtošanas - siešanas. Iespēja izšūt "vieglu garu" uz pirts svārkiem vai citu izšuvumu. Lina pirts cepure ir darināta no vafeļveida struktūras lina auduma un ir lietojam uz abām pusēm. Pirts cepure kā dāvana pirtniekam vai vīrietim  ar personisku uzšuvumu uz tās būs tieši laikā! 

Linen -flower

Ziedi ir visu nokrāsu zilajos toņos, violeti un balti. Tie sakārtoti vēdeklī vai saliktā ķekarā ar 5 vainaglapām, kauslapām, putekšņlapām un augļlapām. Zied jūnijā, jūlijā.  

Linen - flax

Pogaļai ir 5 cirķņi. Katrā no tiem attīstās viena sēkla. Sēklas nogatavojas augustā, septembrī. 

Linen - seeds

Sēklas ir plakanas, olveida. Virspuse spīdīga-gluda. Krāsa - parasti tumši brūna. Sēklas izvietotas 0,6-0,8 cm garās pogaļās.